Company Profile

Wan Cheng Precise Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and manufacturing surface treatment equipment and whole plant equipment for turnkey project. We are a major supplier of world's leading screw, nuts & bolts manufacturers and metal, electronic industries.

Our integrated processes of material management, equipment production, whole plant test run, assembly and installation, have strengthened our overall service quality management, and successfully established a solid foundation in the global market. Every single production phase of every product is rigorously controlled, and the pre-shipment tests and checks are even more elaborated. All these strict regulation manifest Wan Cheng's commitment to quality.

Whether it's a single machine manufacturing or a complete turnkey plant design, we've obtained numerous worldwide patents, certified by world-class automobile manufacturers, qualified in various environmental standards, and all of which have earned us a very high rating in the industry.

Application of surface treatment include industrial screws, nuts, hardware accessories, construction materials, automobile/motorcycle parts, as well as widely used items in our daily life, such as sanitary and bathroom metal ware, golf kits, garment accessories, stationery items, electronic components, semi-conductors, passive components ( MLCC, CHIP-R, CHIP-C etc), and mobile phone shells etc.


Moving Together As One and Making Precise Progress

With more than 30 years of experience, we still hold the principle of "Teamwork, Profession, Enthusiasm and Innovation", and are engaged in the customized design of surface treatment equipment and whole plant equipment, in order to satisfy our customers' various requirements and create a market niche. Differentiate from other general surface treatment equipment, WCPT provides high standard equipment; strict quality control and on - time delivery have been consistently insisted.

The chairman Mr. Lien-Ching Juan stands the principle of "Positive and Responsible, constant improvement" to unite us with all others, co-existence with society, strive for sustainability, and embrace the challenges ahead of us.


With the development of market globalization, the commercial competition is getting more and more intense. The demand for improved decorativeness, corrosion resistance, and function increase gradually.

Wan Cheng Precise Technology is a dedicated, creative and professional team. While working on meeting customers' ever changing needs. WCPT continuously develops new ideas, and adhere to the top priority of standing in customer's position to conform the principles of "customer first" and "seeking excellence".


As well as creating social values, we strive to pass on a purified environment to our next generation. We are dedicating to environmental green job, and collaboratively work with our customers to reduce pollution and decrease hazard.

WCPT pursues breakthroughs and innovation to satisfy our customers, we will do our best to achieve environmental protection as a member of the society and enforce the concept of coexistence with society.

Integrated Operation