Chuck Type Passivation
/De-oil Equipment

Chuck type passivation /de-oil equipment is used for passivation, sealing, dehydration and oil removing. Mostly join with barrel type surface treatment equipment for after-plating treatment. It deals with colors such as white, yellow, green or black.

Our De-oil equipment also designed in Chuck type, use this De-oil equipment to remove the surface oil on the work piece in advance, in order to increase the efficiency of surface treatment.

Suitable Process:
Oil Removing, Passivation and Sealing, etc.
Suitable Product:
Screws, Nuts, Bolts and General Hardware, etc.
  1. Clockwise/ Anti-Clockwise Spinning, Tilting Rotary.
  2. Well-mixed of products and uniform plating thickness
  3. Minimise the collision damage of the products.